Mekabu Fucoidan LongLife

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Fucoidan is a compound that contains a lot of seaweed. In Fucoidan, there is a chain of molecular polysaccharides, sugar groups, and abundant sulfate fucose. Also enhances health.
Fucoidan also brings a miraculous effect to attract the medical attention that is the ability to inhibit cancer cells.
Mekabu Fucoidan will fight the formation of tumors, strengthen the immune system, fight oxidation and cut off the nutrition of cancer cellls.
Mekabu Fucoidan puts cancer cells in the law with other cells as it falls and the process of dying itself, thereby repelling cancer.
Indredients: D – mannose, D – xylose, D – galactose, sulfate ester group, glucuronic acid, uronic acid and especially fucose.
Main uses of Japanese Fucoidan:
+ Prevent and destroy cancer cells.
+ Enhance immunity for the body.
+ Helps the body recover, reducing side effects during chemotherapy and rediation therapy.
+ Eliminating Helicobacter Pylori (HP) bacteria.
+ Helps improve the function of intestines and stomach, anti-ulcer.
+ Provide nutrition for the recovery of gastric mucosa.
+ Reduce blood cholesterol.


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